Monday, September 29, 2014

Scripture Challenge for the Entire Family Week 3

Courage, faith, obedience and devotion are a few of the words used to describe the story of Esther from the Bible. When Esther is made queen she discovers a plot from Haman to eliminate all of her people (Jews). Esther knows she must go before the king to stop the horrible bloodshed from happening. Yet, during this time period going before the king was forbidden even by death! The scripture to memorize this week tells of Esther's actions to overcome her challenge.  What gave her strength to go before the king? Fasting and faith in the Lord to deliver her people! 

What a beautiful message to everyone that as we put our trust in God, and believe in Him we can overcome anything! 

Esther of course goes before the King and unveils Haman's evil plan. The king is furious with Haman and he is killed. Esther faced death in that trial, yet she remained faithful to save the Jews! Who else loves this story? She is my hero! 

Have you ever felt there was an obstacle in your path you could not overcome? Find time this week to study the story of Esther (chapters 2 -10). Her story will enrich your mind with ways to grow closer to the God and find peace during the trials of life. God Bless!

Print the Scripture Memorization Challenge Week 3 HERE.
Find the other Scripture Challenge Printables HERE.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best Crochet Tops for Fall: Under $35

Best Crochet Tops for Fall: Under $35

Best Crochet Tops for Fall: Under $35 by beforetheclockstrikesmidnight featuring sleeveless tops

Stay on trend this fall with crochet tops in all shapes and colors! I recently bought the beige crochet top (bottom right) from a different store than the one listed below. The blouse looks great with skinny jeans and riding boots. The blouse is a bit baggy so you NEED skinny jeans and or leggings to make the outfit look well proportioned.  Even though I love the beige top, I also adore the black sleeveless crochet top! Do you have any favorite blouses? 

Stay cozy this fall with beautiful crochet tops! 

The list below is a style guide for ideas on how to save money on the growing crochet trend! Have you seen other good deals on crochet tops? If so, leave information in the comments below to help everyone save money this fall! Happy shopping ladies.

Charlotte Russe pink sweater
$29 -

Aéropostale pattern sweater
$20 -

Rouched top
$23 -

Beige top
$21 -

Flower Idea crochet top
$28 -

Pink sweater
$15 -

BKE crochet top
$30 -

Dorothy Perkins crochet top
$19 -

Crochet top
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Green top
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Fat Face lace up top
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Boohoo sleeveless top
$30 -

Friday, September 19, 2014

Family History Baby Names

Lately I have been researching my family history. Who knew learning about ancestors could be fun? I feel like a nerd, but seriously the studying has brought a new level of family unity. It's hard to explain, but I feel I know more about myself now. Family history work has been similar to a treasure hunt lately. Finding journal entries, love letters and other fun artifacts has been a great way to learn about where I come from. Maybe I will share a story or two in the future. 

Who knows maybe a great hero is waiting to be discovered from your family history? Why not dig into history and find buried treasure? Family research not only brings unity, but also fun names! Are any of your children named after a favorite ancestor? 

After all the family research I decided to highlight German baby names this week (I should have been eating a bratwurst and pretzel while writing! Darn, maybe next time).So, which German name is your favorite? Hmmm... I cannot decide which name is best! 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scripture Challenge for the Entire Family and Free Printable

Welcome to week two of the Scripture Challenge! 

Have you ever found yourself at the point of someone's bullying/judging? Did your heart feel wrenched with anger, sadness, confusion and humiliation? Why do we judge others? Why is it so easy to assume the worst in people rather than the good? Recently, I was called out by someone who lives in the same area. The woman automatically assumed the worst about my entire family. I don't want to get into the specifics, but I couldn't believe someone could say and assume such rude things. I couldn't tell her what was going on because I was flabbergasted.  The rude words were poison to my heart and mind. 

Today while I was eating my midnight snack the thought kept coming back,"forgive." Of course forgiving a bully will seem challenging, but through Christ we can do all things. Forgiveness gives everyone the chance to be cleansed of bitterness, anger, hate, sadness and many other emotions. As we forgive we grow closer to Christ and become stronger through love. 

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
Mahatma Gandhi

As you can probably tell the theme this week for the Scripture Memorization Challenge is "Forgiveness." Print out this scripture HERE . Have fun memorizing on your own or with your family! God bless!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Custom Baby/Toddler Tutu Giveaway

As a little girl I remember running around with a fairy wand and my magical tutu. Sparkly pink with sequins lining the edges. In my five year old mind, I was a princess. I loved that outfit and wore tutu as often as possible. Playing dress-up, eating dinner, playing with friends, but  never to school. You could say I was kind of a girlie-girl... ;)

Every girl has her fondest memories whether they are playing as a fairy, princess, firefighter, doctor or other hero. Adrianna's boutique helps young girls create memories that last a lifetime. When you buy from Adrianna's boutique the tutu designs are unique to make your little one feel special. 

Adrianna started making tutus while pregnant. She was thrilled that her baby was a girl! Even though Adrianna wasn't working outside the home, she immediately began working on making tutu's.  Hoping her little princess would one day wear the tutu's.

As her daughter grew up she became an outdoors girl.  Even though her daughter loves the playing outside Adrianna hopes her girl will one day enjoy the tutu's. 

The best way to order a tutu is to follow her Facebook page. Place a comment on her page about purchasing a custom tutu and Adrianna will contact you! With Halloween around the corner these tutu's will also make great costumes. 

The winner of this contest can message Adrianna through Facebook with what colors and the size they need. The boutique will also handle the shipping charges! Best wishes to all entrants and have fun looking at all of Adrianna's ADORABLE tutu's! 

Terms & Conditions: The winner will receive one custom made tutu from Baby and Toddler Tutu's by Adrianna. Anyone wanting to enter must be over 18 years old and living in the United States. Refer to the giveaway for details on the opening and closing dates. The winner is chosen randomly and the winner will be announced two days after the giveaway closes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hipster Baby Naming Tips and Fun Names

Waiting for your baby to come brings a rush of many emotions. Happiness, fear, excitement and love were some of the feelings I experienced towards the end of my pregnancy. Not having a name picked out prior to the delivery made life seem a bit stressful. 

After experiencing the pain and stress of childbirth, the last thing on my mind was "what should I name my baby?" During the labor pain I wasn't thinking about her future name. I was busy trying hard not to scream while my body was being ripped inside out. Errrgh! 

As you can probably tell the tip of the week is to have five names picked out before you go to the hospital. This will definitely ease the stress for your baby's grand entrance :)

This week for featured names the focus is hipster! Mostly for kicks and giggles, but seriously some of these names are pretty cute.  Good luck with baby naming!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Smith's Freebie Food Friday and Hot Digital Coupons

Smiths Grocery Store
Hurry over to Smith's website, and sign in to load a FREE ZonePerfect Single Bar to your digital reward card! The coupon expires after two weeks so no worries on running to the store today! *Don't forget the download is only good on Friday! Also, check out Smith's other great coupons to download while you are on their website. Here are some of my favorites and remember prices vary according to your store!

Gerber Graduates
All I can say is thank goodness for little puffs. The cereal keeps my daughter quiet during church and sometimes the neighbor kids. ;) Any savings on baby food is a blessing, especially when these puffs are generally $2.00 per canister. Eek! Start saving on baby food TODAY!

Hairstyling products
I used this deal yesterday (8/28/2014). My store had marked down prices on the Tresemme split end treatment. Each bottle was $2.64 and with the digital coupon that made the final price $.64!! I LOVE cheap beauty products!

cereal coupons
Great coupon for Multi Grain Cheerios. Yum! My store didn't have the cereal on sale this week, but if you need Cheerios use this coupon! 
Greek yogurt coupons
Oh my goodness. My favorite deal of the week is Greek Yogurt buy 1 get 1! My store had Yoplait Greek Yogurt on sale 4 for $5.00, which makes each yogurt $1.25. Using the buy 1 get 1 the yogurt final price was $.63 each. I love love Yoplait Greek Yogurt! Hurry and download before the coupon is gone!

Stay tuned for more Smiths Grocery Store deals! Digital coupons makes saving a piece of cake. Have a fabulously frugal friday!