Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekly Beauty Find: Modest Lace Skirts Under $40

Lace Skirts Under $40

Boohoo pink midi skirt / 2b bebe skirt / 2b bebe mini skirt / Lace midi skirt / Long skirt / Pencil skirt, $34 / Pencil skirt, $27 / Forever 21 bodycon skirt / Kate Spade Gold Dot Notebook

I love fashion, but I'm always researching ways to stay on trend without breaking the bank. Finding affordable skirts that don't look like a booty call are especially challenging for me, since I am 5'10! My favorite skirts are longer with a flirtatious touch (see collage above)! Below are five tips to remember when wearing skirts:

TOP 5 Clothing Tips

  1. Pay attention to fit and not size. I found this to be so true after having a baby. Don't buy a size 4 if  you are really a size 8. No one will know what size you are - so respect your body and buy the right size. 
  2. Be bold. Try new colors and patterns to spice up the wardrobe!
  3. Sales aren't always your friend. Even though a skirt might be on final clearance you have to ask, "will I wear this?" It's always better to pay a little more to buy an item you LOVE! 
  4. Outfit conversion. What can you wear with this outfit? A good goal is to create 4-5 uses out of that article of clothing.  Color coding your closet will help you find/coordinate outfits. It will make finding items easy-peasy!
  5. Shop at discounted stores. Ross, T.J.Maxx, Forever 21 and  Zulily are a couple of my favorites to save money, while staying on trend.  

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