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The Best Apps & Websites for Digital Coupons (Part 1)

Coupons Discounts

Coupons, coupons, coupons! How to get the best deal in the most time saving method is what I strive to do every week. I love saving money, but at what cost. When the newspaper comes on Sunday I have extremely mixed feelings. Happiness and excitement for the latest deals and anxiety to cut out and organize my coupons (blah). Needless to say this process is quite time consuming, even though it brings AWESOME savings. 

One of the easier ways to save money without the long Sunday clipping marathon is digital coupons ( I love smartphones).  These come in the forms of apps, most commonly for Apple and Android users. If you have a Windows phone (like me) there are not as many apps, but I hope this changes ... soon! This list also contains websites that download digital coupons to your local rewards grocery store card. My favorite part about this digital coupon list is that everything is FREE!

This website has a massive coupon database of pretty much all your grocery store needs. I always can find diaper coupons here which I like to double with Target coupons! Two main options exist on this website. You can download the coupon to your grocery store Loyalty Card or Print it out. 
Bottom Line: You can find hundreds of coupons all in one location. Yippee!
Digital and Printable Coupons

This user friendly app is for Android or Apple users. Take a photo of your coupon and the app will convert it to a mobilized coupon. My two favorite parts about SnipSnap is that it gives you an in-store reminder and expiration warnings. The one downfall is they do not take manufacture coupons.
Bottom Line: If you lead a busy lifestyle, the last thing you want to do is cut and organize coupons. This app fits that personality perfectly to do all the dirty work for you! 

Savings Star

This app is for Android and Apple users helping you save on groceries with digital coupons. Savings Star also supports online shopping with cashback deals (woo-hoo).   They also provide "Friday Freebie."
Bottom Line: Some would say "It's like getting paid to shop."  I somewhat agree with that statement, but if you are already going to buy an item, why not receive cash back?

Digital Coupons & Cashback

Checkout 51

This app is for Andriod and Apple users. The concept is pretty simple: Earn Cash through buying groceries! The only downfall is you have to take the time to upload receipts. 
Bottom Line: Checkout51 provides user friendly ways to save money and is definitely worth the time!

Coupon Sherpa

Again this app is only for Android and Apple users.  The digital coupon database gives you a huge selection of grocery, restaurant and other retail coupons. When checking out at the store, simply show the cashier your app coupon code and boom -money saved!
Bottom Line: Has a huge database and is worth a free download. 

Retail Me Not

The app is for Android and Apple users. I love using Retail Me Not because they always have great coupon codes! With thousands of coupons both on their app and website, shopping becomes a piece of cake (not literally...but I could go for a slice of red velvet right about now). Bottom Line: This makes savings easy, no super easy! I use this website every two weeks.

Digital coupons


This app is for Android, Apple and Windows users. Groupon allows you to buy restaurant deals, vacations, clothing, activities and many other products/services for heavily discounted prices. What's not to like? The only problem is remembering to use the deals before they expire! *Watch the expiration date.
Bottom Line: This is a no brainer, I'm downloading the app right now ;)
Digital Coupons


This app is for Android and Apple users. Here are the steps: find coupons, buy matching product, redeem coupons through scanning receipt and finally receive money back in your paypal account.
Bottom Line: Great resource for saving money, but you have to remember to scan your receipt or no $$$.

Maceys (Utah)

This is not an app, but the company offers additional coupons online that you can download to your perks rewards card. No clipping necessary! Yay!
Bottom Line: If you live in Utah it's a great tool for saving money on your next shopping trip. Remember to give the cashier your telephone number associated with your perks account!


The app is for Android and Apple Users. Smiths is a great place to save some serious MULA. $$! You can also save money using their website. Download coupons to your Smiths card, while having the ability to check prescription orders. My favorite part about signing up with their digital coupons, either through their website or an app is Freebie Friday! You have to download and go to the store on Friday to claim the coupon. 
Bottom Line: If you are not shopping at Smiths...start with their digital coupon rewards card program! 

*Stay tuned for Part 2! Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear from you especially if you have any questions!
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  1. Great list! I need to take more advantage of coupons that's for sure! Pinned! Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday!

    1. Thanks, it's amazing how many coupons are now available online - woohoo! Thanks for pinning and have a great weekend!

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  3. I should put savingstar on my phone, that way when I'm shopping I can make sure what I checked as well as if there is anything new.

    1. Great idea! If I had an Android or Apple I would definitely use that app!

  4. Nice list. Ibotta is a favorite of mine! I have saved almost $300. :)

    1. That is wonderful news! Congrats! I just got an android and cannot wait to use the Ibotta app :D

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