Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Secret Daily Deal: 84% Off Luggage Scale

Airport Travel Tips

Who doesn't love traveling? One of the biggest hassles of taking a vacation is the airport checked baggage location. Adding and subtracting items from luggage to make it the "correct" weight can make the day frustrating, especially with children. Of course the scale at home can't really weigh your huge suitcase correctly and that is what makes this process, well annoying. 

Living Social has an amazing deal to solve the frustrating airport weigh in problem. The Digital Luggage Scale was designed to help travelers pack with ease, knowing they will not be charged for excess fee's. (Thank goodness). The normal scale price is $49.99, but is on sale TODAY only (7/9/2014) for the small price of $8! (Over 25,000 have been purchased) Make sure to pick one up and save yourself the pain of extra baggage fees.  Click HERE to visit the website.

Hope your future travels will be loaded with fun adventures and no extra baggage fees!


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