Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fall Fashion on a Budget: Cheap Scarves

Dejunking the closet is a serious love/ hate relationship. I usually organize my closet in July/August before the new school year starts, it's a habit I've been doing since my childhood. Isn't it hard to throw away or donate your favorite dress because it's too big or too small? The process of dejunking the closet usually takes a day, but after I feel like I climbed Mount Everest! Dropping of bags of clothing to Deseret Industries makes me feel good. I believe that service creates love, even when the service is donating clothes. 

After my closet is cleaned out I do one of my favorite weekend hobbies... Shopping! Finding good deals is the only way I shop. People may think waiting for a sale or cutting coupons is weird, but they fail to look at the underlying reason. Going through College is expensive, especially on one income with a baby! Every penny counts and saving money gives my family even more security. My question is why pay more, when you can buy the same item on sale?

Below is my favorite fashion find today for fall fashion. I love this apricot color! The best part about this deal is the free shipping! Woo-hoo! What a fantastic deal to reload the wardrobe! 


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