Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hipster Baby Naming Tips and Fun Names

Waiting for your baby to come brings a rush of many emotions. Happiness, fear, excitement and love were some of the feelings I experienced towards the end of my pregnancy. Not having a name picked out prior to the delivery made life seem a bit stressful. 

After experiencing the pain and stress of childbirth, the last thing on my mind was "what should I name my baby?" During the labor pain I wasn't thinking about her future name. I was busy trying hard not to scream while my body was being ripped inside out. Errrgh! 

As you can probably tell the tip of the week is to have five names picked out before you go to the hospital. This will definitely ease the stress for your baby's grand entrance :)

This week for featured names the focus is hipster! Mostly for kicks and giggles, but seriously some of these names are pretty cute.  Good luck with baby naming!

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