Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All Natural Hand-Crafted Soap Giveaway

A couple days ago I received a free sampler of products from Maine Mountain Soap and Candle Company. As a disclaimer: I'm not being paid to write this post/giveaway. All thoughts and feelings about the following products are mine. 

Upon opening the Maine Mountain Soap and Candle products I was immediately brought back to my childhood. 

Growing up in Utah I have been given many opportunities to see National Park wonders. Needless to say the rich mountain smell had me reminiscing the 'good ole' days of hiking at Zions National Park. If you haven't visited this park - you must make time to go next time you visit Utah. The park is loaded with natural beauty and amazing hikes!
2012 - Vacation to Zions National Park (a couple weeks before we got married). What a view, right?
Below contains the list of Pro's I found with the products and a major tip.

The Pro's

*Maine Mountain Soap and Candle Company focuses on the model "reduce, reuse and recycle," which I LOVE! GO GREEN my friends!
*The rich mountain fragrance will make you want to go on vacation or camping in the woods.
*The Natural Wicked Awesome Lip Balm leaves a tingling sensation. Perfect for smooch-able lips ;)
*Balsam Fir Castile Soap Concentrate is made for those who have sensitive skin (like me). 
*The Felted Balsam Fir Bar Soap left my skin feeling soft and refreshed.
*No leaks from any products during shipping! :)

There was only one main tip I had for the sampler and that is below.

*Don't use too much Balsam Fir Castile Soap Concentrate or the smell might overpower the room.  If you use in smaller doses this product will be great for washing hands and smaller cleaning tasks. :) 

Seriously, if you are into green and other natural products check out the Natural Wicked Awesome Lip Balm!  This product makes the perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffer ;) 

Now onto the giveaway!
Special thanks to our wonderful sponsor Maine Mountain Soap and Candle Company
The winner of today's giveaway will receive an All Natural Hand-Crafted Felted Bar Soap in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness! The product will come from the sponsor Maine Mountain Soap and Candle Company. Remember to read the terms and conditions below!

Best wishes to all who enter!

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Terms & Conditions: 

The winner will receive (1) All Natural Hand-Crafted Felted Bar Soap from Maine Mountain Soap and Candle Company.  Anyone wanting to enter must live in the United States. Refer to the giveaway for details on the opening and closing dates. The winner is chosen randomly and will be announced two days after the giveaway closes.

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  2. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: I like the Essential Oil Room Spray and the Wicked Awesome lip balm.

  3. It all looks so great! Any lavender would be nice.

  4. Essential Oil Room Spray and Beeswax

  5. balsam fir sounds awesome for this time of year :)