Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 5 Scripture Challenge: The Influence of a Mother

As a Mother I hope and pray my daughter and future children will take the knowledge I give them and use it for good.  Thank heavens I had such a great Mom. I cannot begin to count the numerous acts of service she has given not only me, but all my siblings! Not to mention all the mornings seeing her say prayers and reading the scriptures. Wow, what a woman! If I turn out anything like her my kids will be blessed, especially if I can master the Swedish Ginger Cookie recipe ;) 

Below contains a list of great Motherhood quotes and the scripture challenge. 

The influence of a mother
 in the lives of her children 
is beyond calculation. 
-James E. Faust

There is no role in life 
more essential and more eternal 
than that of Motherhood. 
-M. Russel Ballard

 To all Mothers you make a difference, one that changes and shapes nations. Memorize this scripture from the Book of Mormon and have a great week :) Make sure to enter the current giveaways through clicking on the "giveaway" tab! 

Print the scripture HERE

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