Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Scripture Challenge: Strengthening Faith and Free Printable

I haven't written much in the past couple of weeks. Family life has really taken a tole with everyone getting the sick bug. FINALLY everyone in my family is feeling better. I have decided there is nothing quite like being sick, while trying to take care of a sick baby and hubby. We were pretty miserable. Netflix was on a lot! I caught up on some good TV series. I'm doing a post this week about my favorite Netflix shows - so stay tuned.

Now onto the weekly scripture memorization challenge. Luke 22:32 is another favorite scripture. 

The scripture reminded me of the airplane safety video. If something were to go wrong it's most important to secure yourself with a safety breathing mask (what are those called..?) to more efficiently help others. 

How true it is that we need to strengthen ourselves before we can effectively help others. Now this doesn't mean we need to be perfect. We simply need to do our best to become better so we can help uplift and inspire others to overcome adversity.

Here is the link to the free printable

Have a fabulous week :)

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